Chuwi H12: Tablet PC with 2K 12 '' screen and a powerful battery

Chuwi is a company founded in 2004 in Shenzen (China) and is specialized in the development and production of PCs and cleaning robots. But what Chuwi really stands out for is in the manufacture of Tablets and 2-in-1 hybrids. With several models on the market (Chuwi V8, Chuwi Hi8, Chuwi Hi10), today we are going to focus our attention on the company's spearhead. , the Chuwi H12. A 2-in-1 Tablet PC with Windows 10 and Android 5.1, with a huge 12-inch screen of truly remarkable quality.

Chuwi H12 review: a 2-in-1 of undeniable quality

The Chuwi H12 It is the top of the range of the line of Tablet PCs of the house. With a price that is barely around 200 euros, offers more than attractive features. It can be a great alternative for those who want something slightly smaller than an ultrabook , but they need something more powerful and productive than a simple Tablet with a system Android.

Display and Design

One of the strengths of the H12 is its incredible 12-inch IPS screen and 2K resolution of 2160 × 1440 pixels. We are facing a large screen, superior to most tablets, and thanks to its image quality it achieves the perfect combo: size and high definition image.

In terms of design, the Chuwi H12 has a gray unibody metal body, that although it does not give that premium feeling that we can obtain with other high-end devices (we bear in mind that this is not a Macbook), it is more than convincing. Above all, taking into account the hardware that accompanies the Chuwi H12, made with components of a quality above average.

Power and performance

The top of the range of the Chuwi house treasures a processor Intel Atom-X5 64bit 1.84GHz and 14nm technology, which is accompanied by a 4GB DDR3L RAM. To move the graphics they have opted for a 8th Gen Intel HD 500MHz GPU, thanks to which we can fluently play games like Diablo iii or Hearthstone (mid-level graphics, yes).

In addition, it incorporates 64GB of internal storage, with which we can enjoy so much Android 5.1 like a Windows 10 100% functional and that will help us to be more productive when working with office applications and tools. How could it be otherwise, it also has keyboard support. The inclusion of the camera, yes, is merely in-person, with a rather fair definition of 5.0MP (quite common feature, on the other hand, in most mid-range Tablets).


Autonomy is another of the Chuwi H12's strengths. We are not used to seeing batteries of 11000mAh in these types of tablets, and that is something that shows. We will be able to navigate, listen to music and work during periods of 7 hours calmly and without the need to connect the power cable.

Ports and connectivity

Another factor that Chuwi can be proud of is its connectivity. Unlike other devices with similar characteristics, the H12 has a large number of ports. MicroHDMI, USB 2.0, USB 3.0 and microUSB ports, plus card reader, headphone jack and a second speaker. In that sense, it has nothing to envy most of today's laptops.

Price and availability

The Chuwi H12 It has a price that is usually around 250 dollars (about 230 euros), but is currently on sale and we can get it for $ 229.99 , about 206 euros to change.

In addition to this model, we can find discounts on other Chuwi tablets on the GearBest website .

If you are thinking of making the leap to a more powerful tablet that allows you to work with Windows, this Chuwi H12 makes it really easy for you.

GearBest | Chuwi device discounts

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