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Virtual reality experiences are becoming more fashionable and nothing better than VR glasses for our smartphone to take the first rookie leap into the world of virtual reality. Cardboard glasses have been for a long time Google CardBoard they can be found on the internet at an affordable price. What would you tell me if I told you that we can get even cheaper glasses with a higher quality and more durable finish? Last week I got the virtual reality glasses Xiaomi VR Virtual Reality 3D Glasses And today I am going to take the opportunity to do an analysis of them, see if they are really worth it and incidentally recommend a few virtual reality apps. I am already telling you that I really liked them… let's go!

Analysis of the Xiaomi VR Virtual Reality 3D Glasses

The first thing that catches the attention of Xiaomi VR glasses is the elegant black lycra finish that it has for glasses that do not cost more than $ 16. Are soft to the touch and commendable resistance, and the truth is that in that aspect it surpasses the classic cardboard Google CardBoards.


On the front they have a zipper where, once unfastened, we will place our smartphone. It is important to clarify that these glasses are compatible with smartphones (both Android and iPhone) with screens between 4.7 and 5.7 inches. That is, it is compatible with most medium-sized devices on the market.

Slip strips

Another positive point is that on the front they have placed 2 rubber strips to prevent slipping, and the truth is that they do their job perfectly. After several sharp head turns the smartphone has not moved a millimeter.

Adjust the ribbons well

Xiaomi VR glasses come with adjustable straps to place them on the head. It may seem silly, but if we do not place them correctly the weight of the glasses can be unbalanced and we can feel pressure on the nose. One tip: adjust the center strap well. There is the key.


The lenses have a good finish and no imperfections that could impair the user experience. You do not notice any edge when we have the phone well placed and the feeling is of being totally immersed, although it is advisable to put on headphones if we want the experience to go one step further.

Apps compatible with Xiaomi VR Virtual Reality 3D Glasses

The most frustrating thing about these virtual reality glasses may be the theme of the apps. More specifically of the app designed specifically for these Xiaomi VR.

Inside the glasses comes a QR code from where we can download the Xiaomi virtual reality app. It looks good, but it's a shame because it's entirely in Chinese.

But don't worry! The glasses are compatible with both the Google CardBoard app and any other virtual reality app that you can find in the Google Play Store.. My recommendation is that you go from the Xiaomi app and dive directly into Google Play or the many VR videos that you can find on YouTube.

I still have many VR apps to discover, but some of the ones I liked the most were:

  • Google CardBoard: Ideal app to view or take photos in 360 degrees and view them comfortably.
  • VR Cities: App with VR images of a lot of cities in the world.
  • ART360: Good app with many VR videos that are constantly updated.
  • InCell VR: Virtual reality game in which you are inside the human body and you have to dodge red blood cells, platelets etc. The typical racing game, but in virtual reality. The feeling of being in the game is very remarkable.

Are these Xiaomi VR worth buying?

If you have never tried virtual reality applications or games, Xiaomi VR Virtual Reality 3D Glasses they are a very good start. Comfortable, resistant, good user experience and a very affordable price. In my opinion, much more recommendable than the cardboard Google CardBoards.

Currently you can get the virtual reality glasses from Xiaomi VR for only $ 12.99 .

If you have already tried them or have any questions, do not be shy and leave your opinion in the comment box. What has been your experience?

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