Top 10 puzzle and jigsaw games for Android

Puzzles and puzzles –or puzzle to dry, as they say now - they are part of a genre that has always fascinated me. Perhaps because it is a type of game that does not depend on how good you are at pressing buttons, or on your reflexes. What counts here is how hard you are willing to hit the coconut, and if the game is good, it can be a challenge of those that remain burned in your mind.

In today's top 10 we review some of the best puzzle, logic and puzzle games for Android. Some of them, true handcrafted gems from the world of mobile video games.

The 10 best puzzle games for Android

Normally we only usually comment on free titles, but given the quality of certain heavyweights within the genre, we have also included some paid games that could not be missing from the list.

1. Monument Valley

Monument Valley is considered by many the best puzzle game available for mobile. With a design pampered in detail, this 2014 title is one of the most respected classics within the genre, with a 4.8 star rating on Google Play.

In this evocative and atmospheric environment we must manipulate impossible architectures and geometries to guide the princess towards her destiny. Minimalist graphics and very neat music. If you like it, know that it also has an interesting sequel.

Download QR-Code Monument Valley Developer: ustwo games Price: € 2.99

2. Interlocked

Excellent three-dimensional puzzle developed by Armor Games. In this interesting puzzle we will face different objects or "locks" that we will have to disassemble piece by piece, rotating the figure to find a perspective that helps us to decipher the enigma.

The game is free and consists of 5 levels or "chapters", each with several 3D puzzles to be solved by the user. An ingenious title with several hours of guaranteed entertainment.

Download QR-Code Interlocked Developer: Armor Games Price: Free

3. The Room

The Room is a saga that already has 4 installments, the most recent of them being The Room: Old Sins. The game combines mystery with solving intricate box-shaped puzzles.

In the last installment of the saga we will have to investigate a dollhouse to obtain information about the disappearance of an engineer and his wife. A long game with a long journey, good graphics and hours of fun.

Download QR-Code The Room Developer: Fireproof Games Price: € 1.09 Download QR-Code The Room: Old Sins Developer: Fireproof Games Price: € 5.49

4. Two Dots

Like most puzzles, Two Dots is easy to learn, but difficult to master. We are facing the sequel to Dots -with more than 1800 levels-, and the mechanics the truth is that it remains intact: gather as many dots of the same color as possible.

As we advance levels we can unlock 2 new game modes (Treasure Hunt and Expedition). The game is 100% free and ad-free, but with in-app purchases for when we get stuck at some level and need a little extra help to get through it.

Download QR-Code Two Dots Developer: PlayDots Price: Free

5. Lara Croft GO

Square Enix launched a series of puzzles for Android under the “GO” label, with titles such as Hitman GO, Deus Ex GO and Lara Croft GO –the latter being the best rated of the 3-. All these games follow the same mechanics: move in turns on a board, as if it were a game of chess, preventing traps and enemies from killing us.

They are quite cheap games and offer a good few hours of fun. If you like this type of game, stay tuned to the post that we usually publish every Saturday with the free premium apps of the week, since Hitman GO often enjoys these types of promotions very often.

Download QR-Code Lara Croft GO Developer: SQUARE ENIX LTD Price: € 6.99

6. Infinity Loop

One of my favorite logic and puzzle games. In Infinity Loop we have a pattern that we must rotate to form a closed circuit. All puzzles are randomly generated, which means that we have an infinite number of levels.

It requires a good helping of analytical skills, but many times we can overcome levels simply by rotating the pieces of the circuit until we see the solution right under our noses. Easy to play and very addictive.

Download QR-Code Infinity Loop ® Developer: Price: Free

7. 2048

If you like Sudoku-type games, you have to try this 2048. It is a most entertaining puzzle in which we have to join adjacent numbers until we reach the magical figure of 2048. The first levels are easy, but as we progress through the Things can get quite complicated and leave your brain fried.

A very addictive game, great for exercising mental acuity and math. In addition, it barely weighs about 10MB. What more could you want? Free, and highly recommended.

Download QR-Code 2048 Developer: Androbaby Price: Free

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8. Layton: the mysterious village

This is the HD mobile version of Professor Layton's first game, released back in 2008. A title that received numerous awards in its day, and a classic of the adventure and puzzle genre.

More than 100 enigmas with all kinds of varied puzzles, where observation and critical thinking are encouraged. It is quite an expensive game, so if you see it on sale, do not hesitate to get your hands on it.

Download QR-Code Layton: The Mysterious Village HD Developer: LEVEL-5 Inc. Price: € 10.99

9. Sudoku

One of the most popular hobbies of the last decade, Sudoku. East math game popularized in Japan in the 80s, it also has several titles for Android, being this one developed by Brainium the one that gets the best rating on Google Play.

The game offers clues to avoid getting stuck, various levels of difficulty and the ability to add notes. Very complete and 100% free with non-invasive advertising (something that is always appreciated in games with high doses of concentration).

Download QR-Code Sudoku Developer: Brainium Studios Price: Free

10. Skillz

Do you remember the legendary Brain Training games that became so popular in the golden age of the Nintendo DS? Skillz gives off a very similar scent: a game of logic and mental agility where it is not only important to answer correctly, but also, we must do it quickly.

Small minigames related to colors, memory, cunning, precision and other factors. A puzzle that has 85 different levels, each with its own challenge to overcome.

Download QR-Code Skillz - Logic Game Developer: App Holdings Price: Free

As always, if you think we left a relevant title on the list, do not hesitate to leave your contributions in the comments area.

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