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All image editors and word processors have a common font repository which they make use of when you want to write a text. If you want to use a new font either in Microsoft Word, Photoshop or any other program of the style, you will first need to install this font in Windows. Once installed you can use it in everybody the programs indistinctly.

The fonts or typefaces are contained in files with the extension TTF, OTF or FON, so if you want to install a new font the first thing you should do is get the font file you want to install. You can find a bunch of free fonts on sites like // or //

Now that you have the file, right click on the file and select "Install”.

It is necessary to have administrator permissions on the equipment, so if your user does not have sufficient permissions, you will not be able to install the font.

Install multiple fonts at once

You can install more than one fountain in one sitting. You just have to copy all the fonts in the folder "C: Windows \ Fonts”.

In this folder are all the fonts that you have at your disposal, so if at any time you want to uninstall any you just have to delete or move the desired font out of the folder Fonts so that it disappears from your list of fonts.

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